Recommended points of Kotobuki-sou

Convenient location

2 train stations (Sendagi and Nippori) in a walking distance will help you get around Tokyo.

Right in the middle of “Ya-Ne- Sen” areas
with interesting attractions

Neighborhood area is something like an attractive fusion of old and new things such as passage with fascinating scenes, cultural assets and popular shops.

A guest house accommodation which is
large enough just for one group
of travellers.

A guest quarter is on the ground floor of a free standing house. Ideal for a family or a small group of friends.

Introduction about owner

The owner who has lived in Yanaka for 48 years and his wife conduct Kotobuki-sou living in the same building with his daughter and a dog named Mameo. We are looking forward to meeting you and we will support your travel as local guides. We live on the upper floor of Kotobuki-sou so we can help you whenever you need.

Ryouji Tsunashima
Yumi Tsunashima


Welcome Tea (Free)

Welcome to Kotobuki-sou. Before you start to unpack relax drinking welcome tea. We will host you serving Japanese tea and snacks.

Shiatsu – Finger pressure therapy (Pay)

The owner who has been qualified as finger pressure masseur admitted by the nation will treat. Please feel free to consult about your physical trouble etc.
Fee : \ 5,000 (1 hour/full body) *tax included